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The connection between physical trauma or being involved in an incident that involves physical trauma toward others and mental health concerns has been well documented in professional literature for many years. The consequences of such an experience can manifest psychological distress which can adversely impact work, social, family, academic, and interpersonal arenas. In addition, these experiences can exacerbate historical mental health symptoms and create a more complicated profile for treatment and prognosis.

Due to the different processes of “healing” from such an incident, medical and mental health status will often have a different trajectory in how they emerge and subside in the course of experience and treatment. This will often be seen where an individual may have shown a considerable decline in pain and discomfort but continues to endorse questions that are indicative of continued mental distress.

As a psychologist and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), I understand that working with this population of individuals requires understanding, patience and personal flexibility. I will provide a non-judgmental, empathic and engaging forum so that the individual is comfortable with transparency and honesty. In my evaluations, I will provide clinical information pertaining to the individuals premorbid status (what they were like before the incident) and postmorbid status (in what ways have things changed or been impacted by such an experience).

The evaluation will also address assessment results which provide aspects of intensity or frequency of symptoms and will document examiner impressions, treatment recommendations, differential diagnosis (when warranted) and prognosis. These evaluations can often be set up within a week of contact and will often be completed and sent to the legal client within 2-3 business days of the evaluation.

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