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Individual therapy is often a person-centered exploration into the client’s meaning, purpose, motivations and other mechanisms which can sometimes create a lack of balance and crisis.

When dealing with clients, I understand how vulnerable and stressful it can be to engage with such transparency and Dr. Brams creates a safe and non-judgmental environment. As much as we sometimes see so many differences from others for whatever reasons, we, as humans, are about 98% genetically the same.

Although cultural, gender, orientation and other factors can impact the perception and reactions to experience, there are many common themes which create a consistency in the therapeutic process. It is Dr. Brams’s goal is to use various ways of reframing, refocusing, challenging and reprocessing ideas and perceptions for insight and empowerment.

Some client’s need a solution-focused approach to treatment while others may require more in-depth work that may encompass trauma, family of origin issues, rigid belief systems or other constructs which do not allow the individual to grow. The frequency and duration of sessions will always be discussed with the client.

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