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As you are looking at this website, you may be making a decision of whether this practice and this practitioner is the right fit for me or my child.  Finding the right practitioner with aspects of experience, personality and orientation in mind is important as it pertains to your welfare or the welfare of loved ones.  I cannot be sure that who I am and what I represent will fit you or your loved one’s needs and I will attempt to give you a perspective to help you make the best decision. 

I have a doctorate in psychology with an emphasis in assessment.  In addition, I hold an interjurisdictional status with PSYPACT which allows me to practice in approximately 40 states.  I have obtained advanced certifications as a trauma professional (CCTP-2) and in grief treatment and assessment (CAGCS).

I call the people that come see me “clients” not “patients”.  The distinction may be trivial to some but to me it indicates the importance of not looking at individuals from a disease-based perspective but rather from a perspective where choice and empowerment have an impact on health. 

There is obviously a level of interpretation to this distinction and there is obviously a place for treatment beyond that which the client can control but it is my job and goal to help the client become educated about their strengths and needs, address goals, provide resource support and process information so that it has meaning and utility to the client.

Through assessment and therapy services, the client and/or their caregivers are guided, educated and given emotional support in their quest to seek happiness and success.  Every client is different and requires a somewhat different approach to their needs.  I consider myself professional but also attempt to take a somewhat informal approach to giving the client space, validation and normalization for ease of discussion with sensitive topics.  I believe humor and humility can have a profound impact on the therapeutic relationship and going “places” that have been labeled with sadness, anger and anxiety.  The client is not here for me; I am here for the client and use what they bring into the assessment and therapeutic experience. 

I lived in Houston starting in 1971 and have always had a connection with Houston even when leaving to pursue my studies in psychology.  I have established myself as a practitioner in the community and enjoy many of the events and activities the city brings for me and my family.  I will do my best to serve your needs in an ethical and caring fashion.

Mental Health Services

Dr. Andrew Brams,

Dr. Brams has been licensed since 1999 and provides assessment and intervention to create diagnostic impressions, and prognosis, determine strengths and needs, and formulate a treatment plan.  It is Dr. Brams’s desire to provide an optimal standard of practice as you are entrusting me with your well-being or that of a family member.

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