Psychological Testing

Psychological assessment services are available with Dr. Brams. These services are assist with a number of concerns such as creation of a more definitive diagnosis, development of a treatment plan, estimate the response to treatment and to provide a prognosis or trajectory of functioning over time. There are a few aspects of assessment which are important to convey.

Psychological assessment may or may not include the use of administered assessment instruments. That may not be determined until the time of the appointment. In the majority of cases, Dr. Brams will bill for the initial assessment, administration and scoring of instruments (if warranted) and formulation of a report. Due to the importance of detail and reflection in these procedures, Dr. Brams will be billing some form of assessment procedural codes for these services. These services go beyond an exclusive initial evaluation. (Typical evaluations range from $500 to $1000).

Forensic Psychological Evaluations

Forensic evaluations are usually conducted when there is involvement of something dealing with court-based proceedings.  These may range from competency evaluations to custody evaluations.  Dr. Brams can conduct assessments in reference to an individual where there is a concern about an individual’s mental health and a need for further information pertaining to a legal concern.  However, Dr. Brams does not conduct custody evaluations and does not portray himself as a forensic psychologist. (Typical evaluations range from $750 to $1500 not including testimony or review of other records at $250 an hour).

Developmental Evaluations

These evaluations are often used to determine the status of a child or adult who may be experiencing issues with developmental delays, problems with reaching critical milestones and assess the severity and duration of issues for proper remediation (Typically range from $350 to $750).   

Individual Therapy

It is a dynamic process where an individual attends psychotherapy sessions with Dr. Brams in order to help with aspects of behavioral, emotional and perceptual issues.  Many common goals are enhanced coping skills, integration and/or closure to experiences, enhanced communication skills, development of self-esteem, reduction of anxiety and increase in the healthiness of relationships (Professional fee of $175 for 55 minute session).

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a process where 2 individuals address their own person-centered problems or concerns and how they impact aspects of the relational experience.  Discussions often encompass communication skills, issues with intimacy, parenting practices, financial problems or stresses, infidelity and balance of marriage and family (Professional fee of $175 for 55 minute session).    


This stands for Independent Educational Evaluation.  This is done most often when there is a contested conclusions between the school district and the custodian of the student.  This may entail receiving special education services, reduction of services, fairness in disciplinary practices when dealing with a child having a handicapping condition or to create specialized service plans for a student.  Dr. Brams can address several of these issues but is currently not addressing concerns that encompass the need to rule out learning differences or disabilities (Due to extensiveness of being at the school, collecting data and interviewing from numerous sources the typical fee is $1500).

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