Our Services

Dr. Brams provides several types of mental health services. Each service is tailored to the client/s particular issues and Dr. Brams informs the clients of the policies and procedures for various services:

Psychological Testing
The majority of Dr. Brams’s clinical services are providing assessments on children and adults. Psychological testing is a process by which certain questions are answered that help benefit the individual in question. For instance, psychological testing may help differentiate or rule out certain diagnostic issues, help develop a treatment plan or assist in giving information about a client’s particular strength and needs. Although Dr. Brams’ assessments and a part of his orientation is geared toward identifying needs and areas for remediation, there is also a need to practice what has been called “positive” psychological assessment or “positive” psychology which recognizes and promotes assets and how to utilize these to compensate for certain limitations or concerns. The scope and detail of testing is determined by the client’s needs, array of symptoms and functional impairment. Testing time varies and there is some level of time needed to score, interpret and generate a report for communication of impressions and recommendations. In most cases, a report can be generated within several working days.

Dr. Brams practices individual counseling for children and adults. He has also seen families for various issues involving parenting practices and dealing with aspects of unhealthy communication practices. When working with adults or children, a comprehensive initial assessment is important to determine treatment objectives and address any concerns by the client. On-going counseling services for adults will be determined at a frequency that is constructive for the client. Dr. Brams attempts to create a relaxing and unconditional atmosphere for the client to freely express themselves. Children receiving services will also have the parent involved in the process through periodic meetings before and after sessions to gain information about progress since last session and other concerns. A collaborative model is important when working with children.

School Consultation
From time to time, school districts and parents have contacted Dr. Brams to perform Individual Educational Evaluations (IEE). This usually takes place when a parent finds the outcome of an assessment process unfavorable to the needs of their child. The district typically contracts with Dr. Brams to conduct the IEE to render an unbiased and independent decision regarding a child’s educational needs and interventions. This involved gathering information from an array of sources. These services usually have different limits of confidentiality than typical clinical services.

Forensic Services
Dr. Brams will sometimes receive requests to conduct evaluations or implement counseling services on children or adults for court-based proceedings. This may be to determine what is in the best interest of the client and to help the court understand the psychological disposition of a client. An example of an evaluation request may be when divorced parents possess conflicting beliefs of whether their child should receive special education services. Other examples deal with effects of trauma on a client, match between parent ability or skills and the client’s particular needs. These services usually have different limits of confidentiality than typical clinical services. It is noted that Dr. Brams does not conduct custody evaluation and is not certified as a forensic psychologist.

“With 30 years of experience in the childcare field, I can without reservation, testify that Dr. Andrew Brams is one of the best, if not the best psychologist. This is also the opinion of all my staff who report that he goes above and beyond expectations. He has tremendous insight into children's needs and behaviors. His assessments have proven to be accurate, very thorough, and the information is always helpful. We especially appreciate his many practical and effective recommendations. We receive his written psychologicals in a very timely manner--within a week. An important component of his practice which I particularly value is that he works with us as a team member. He takes the time to educate parents about effective methods and he provides high quality training for staff. Working with Dr. Brams is not only rewarding, it is a privilege”.

Betty Pyykola M.A., CCAl, CCPL
Program Director of Foster Care & Adoption
Houston Achievement Place