Our Philosophy

I have been working as an independent practitioner for over a decade and have attempted to provide the most comprehensive and beneficial services to my clients. Whether I am working with children, adults or families, I see each experience as an opportunity for growth. It is my belief as a helping professional to work as a team with my clients to help them discover their needs, strengths and potential for a more successful, harmonious and beneficial life. This process is done through accurate assessment of the problems and setting realistic and healthy objectives.

The client’s needs in many respects dictate the process of treatment from problem identification to solution formation. Whether I am conducting a psychological evaluation or providing counseling services to my client, it is my goal to make that experience useful for the client and to empower them, their parents, families or partners with a way to be an agent of change in their own lives and in the lives of their loved ones.

In order to balance my comments, it is important to say that sometimes there are setbacks and often the initial stages of providing services can be the most challenging and uncomfortable. It requires taking risks and to delve into and receive information that may be difficult to integrate and can cause unpleasant feelings such as anger, panic and frustration. Assessment and intervention is often a process rather than an outcome or finality. There always seems to be something to learn both for my clients and for me as their “practitioner”, “helper”, “mentor” or “coach”.

It is my pleasure to work with clients and to have the privilege for them to disclose sensitive information to me and to trust in the process. I attempt to provide a nurturing and safe environment to conduct these services as to show the humility in myself and my work environment.

“My son came to see Dr. Brams several years ago. He was having problems with his anger and it did not seem to be getting better. When he started seeing him for sessions, he seemed to do better at home and his grades went up. He really liked Dr. Brams and he made himself available to let us know how he was doing. He also talked to his doctor to make sure he was on the right medication. He is doing well and has many more friends than he used to. I am very thankful for Dr. Brams helping my child and giving me knowledge that helped me understand and deal with his problems”

C. P., mother of a former client