Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dr. Brams?
Dr. Brams has been independently licensed as a psychologist since 2000. Although he has been in private practice since that time, he has had numerous experiences with children and adults in various settings since 1992. Dr. Brams is a member of the American Psychological Association and is classified as a Health Service Provider by The National Registrar of Health Providers in Psychology. He has lived in Houston the majority of his life and has been involved in several community-based organizations. He is married and has three children.

Who does Dr. Brams work with in his practice?
Dr. Brams is comfortable working with children, adolescents and adults. Approximately 40% are children, 40% are adolescent and 20% are adults. Dr. Brams deals with a long list of issues including depression, anxiety, relational problems, school/work performance, stress management, anger management and trauma resolution.

What will be shared about my treatment?
Dr. Brams is mandated to uphold certain standards of practice including what is considered “privileged information” in sessions. Information will not be shared without the written consent of the client or their legal guardian unless there is indication of harm to self or others. Although it rarely occurs, some information is not released at the consent of the client if there is overt cause to believe it will be harmful to the client. Dr. Brams will take every precaution to ensure that information is protected for both ethical and legal reasons. Due to the sensitivity of information often shared by clients, building of trust and safety for disclosure is often important to the therapeutic process.

What is Dr. Brams’ philosophy on working with clients?
As you can see, Dr. Brams refers to the individuals he works with as “clients” not “patients”. Although this distinction may be subtle to some, Dr. Brams feels that a client and their helping professional take a team based approach to the individual’s needs. Dr. Brams believes in a constructive and solution-focused approach to treatment. Dr. Brams works with what the client brings to the process. Dr. Brams does not give advice but rather attempts to help empower the client to take ownership of insight and addressing challenges whether dealing with daily stressors or life events. Dr. Brams accommodates his approach based on the client’s developmental level and their strengths and needs.

What are the purposes/benefits of counseling?
Counseling can be a dynamic process which helps clients gain integration and sometimes closure to past events and addresses becoming more functional with current and future choices. Although counseling sometimes appears to have a negative connotation, it takes courage to address our needs and with consistent and engaging dialogue, most individuals feel more happy and successful through these experiences. In cases where children are the presenting client, the participation of guardians is an important component to the process.

What is Dr. Brams’ approach to the testing process?
Dr. Brams does a considerable amount of assessment. Testing can often help clarify diagnostic issues, determine strengths and needs and develop a realistic treatment plan. The process can take 1 to 2 hours or up to a full day of services. Dr. Brams attempts to provide a comprehensive approach to assessing the most relevant aspects of the client which impact functioning or help address the presenting problems or questions (i.e. “Why does my son get so angry?” Or, “Is my child able to participate in an accelerated academic program?”) Dr. Brams writes a thorough report with every assessment and shares the results to ensure understanding of all impression and recommendations. Dr. Brams often has the results completed within 1 week of the assessment.

How does Dr. Brams accept payment for services?
Dr. Brams accepts cash, money orders, checks and credit cards. It is Dr. Brams’s policy to accept payment at the time of services unless otherwise arranged with Dr. Brams. Dr. Brams prefers that payment be ready by the end of service to help maximize time spent on clinical issues. Dr. Brams conducts billing procedures on a monthly basis. If you require a receipt for services, a receipt will be generated at the time of services if requested.

Dr. Brams does accept some forms of insurance for services. It is important for you to become familiar with your mental health benefits. It is suggested that if you call your insurance provider, ask the following questions:

  1. What are my In-network and Out-of-Network benefits in case Dr. Brams is not in your network?
  2. Is there a deductible depending on the network status and how much has been met?
  3. Are these services (i.e. psychotherapy, testing) covered under my plan?
  4. Is preauthorization required for any of these services?

Gathering this information is important to help determine financial responsibility before treatment and allows all parties to work strictly on the clinical needs of the client. Ultimately, it is the client’s responsible for payment of services if not by their third party insurance.

What about my insurance plan?
Dr. Brams currently accepts STAR Health, Traditional Medicaid, United Behavioral Health, CIGNA, Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and APS Healthcare.

What are Dr. Brams’s fees for service?
Dr. Brams charges are as follows:

What are Dr. Brams’s hours of operation?
Dr. Brams’s hours are 9am to 6pm Monday through Thursday and 9am to 5pm on Friday which means the last appointment ends at those hours (i.e. 5-6 pm). Dr. Brams may be available for emergency sessions outside his traditional hours of operation. Dr. Brams has a 24-hour answering service which is stated on his voice mail.

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